Small Business Office Interior Design Ideas

With small business office interior design ideas such as painting the walls, choosing the chairs and desks wisely as well as using light appropriately, you can transform any office space no matter how miniscule it may seem. Here is a thorough look at these interior décor options.



Painting Walls

When painting walls, you should settle for neutral colors or those that open the available space. Decorative borders and light colors should also be used rather than dark ones which close the area up and make it appear even smaller. Some of the colors that can be used in this case include beige, light green, tan, off white and lemon.

As part of small business office interior design ideas, it is advisable to use color wheel when picking your colors in order to ensure they match with items in your office such as furniture. In addition to this, you can also opt to have some murals on your walls as they set the right attitude for working.

Office Chairs and Desks

These should be selected carefully and ideally, they should match to the available work area. Mismatched desks and chairs should be avoided at all costs. This is because the smaller the office is, the smaller it will appear when unmatched furniture is used. The desks selected should also provide maximum floor and office space.

Settle for tall desks that come with shelves. Corner desks should also be considered since they are extremely functional for small space. With this type of desk, you can rest assured of minimizing on floor space used. You can store office equipment on top of the desk as well as under it for the purpose of getting the most out of the unit.

Office Lighting

As part of small business office interior design ideas, you also have to think about the lighting. Natural and ceiling lighting do not use floor space and as such, are highly recommended. You should choose to install fluorescent lights or business styled chandeliers to light small office spaces.

The location of the office should be close to a window in order to allow natural light in. Be careful to ensure the light does not glare off your computer monitor by looking at it from your office desk. The angle of the sun can bring in extra natural light thus making it unbearable to work and it is precisely for this reason that you need to think carefully before you choose your lighting options.